About us

We are Jorge Coelho and Helder Rodrigues. We're both naturists since our youth. We had both the same dream: to create a small naturist/nudist space on the countryside, where we could be closer to nature and all it has to offer us and be able to share our space with others & and also make it a way of life.

Together we decided to give life to this common dream - to build a Naturist camping/caravanning site in the countryside. 

It is intended to be a space where all naturists/nudists can spend a few days in total relaxation, without clothes, in communion with nature and far from all the fuss and bustle of everyday life. 

Professionally Jorge is linked to tourism/ hospitality since 1987 having passed through various areas such as reception, reservations, comercial department, revenue management and electronic commerce. 

Helder was connected to the banking sector during 25 years, although his academic background is cultural heritage and art history. Over the years he has develloped skills in massage, physiotherapy and as a cook.

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